About Tickets

*This is an outdoor nature event, so there are some things beyond our control, like weather. If it is misty or if there is light rain, it will not interfere with the experience. However, if it is forecasted to be a rain night, we will cancel that night. All sales are final, however, if for any reason it has rained, there will be a raincheck.

A reminder to all, it is important to bring a flashlight as it will be very dark. However, we require that we put a red or blue cellophane piece over the lens. Cellophane will be provided on sight for those that need it. Under no circumstance can people use their light without the proper color, and then, only if they are walking to shine the light down (so no headlamps please) so they can be safe.

Under no circumstances is it allowed or useful to use a flash on your camera. Using only a smart phone camera does no justice, you have to have a special camera made for taking photos in the dark, and you have to have a timelapse for successful photos.

Parking will begin around 7:00pm. The lightning bugs will not come out until dark, which is typically around 9:30pm.

Also a reminder that the evenings can be cool, so dress appropriately.

UPDATED DATES: This season starts on June 10th 2022 and will run through June 21st 2022. 

I encourage you to bring a lawn chair and blankets. Please note: pets are NOT allowed

Please email info@mollybranchfireflies.com if you have any questions.

Ticket Prices                                     Online

  • Adult Pass (13+)                         $10.00
  • Child Pass (3-12)                          $7.00
  • Infants (2 and under)                   FREE