About Us

Molly Branch is a creek that runs through the plains at the base of House Mountain. The entrance to Molly Branch Fireflies is located at 9100 Hogskin Rd. Corryton TN, 37721 Where Fulton Rd turns into Hogskin
Molly Branch has been a habitat for a variety of fireflies for decades. Considering though that all the property along Molly Branch is privately owned it's been closed off to the public until now. We recognize what a beauty of nature this is, one that should be shared with the public.


How To Prepare

It is a flat, gravel path for easy access and you can walk at your own pace. We have had some use motorized wheelchairs without issue. In addition, we will have golf cart transportation for those that need extra assistance.
It is alright to use bug repellent however we do want to keep the habitat safe so we ask that you apply bug repellent before you enter the gate.
The parking area is about 300 feet from the entrance. The best viewing area is about 400 feet beyond the entrance. Altogether it's about 700 feet which is about 1/8th of a mile. The terrain is flat and the pathway is graveled.
There is lots of room. You will need to bring a folding chair or a blanket to sit on.
Yes, but please be kind by not leaving bottles and wrappers lying around.


What To Expect

Yes, some nights the viewing will be limited due to weather conditions. In such cases we may need to close for that night. We will keep tabs on the weather conditions and notify ticket holders of any changes.
The Snappy Sync fireflies do not come out until dark, typically this occurs around 9:15PM. The Blue Ghosts come usually come out about 30 - 45 minutes after the Snappys do.
The pathway is lined with red light markers to guide you. You are welcome to bring your own flashlight just be sure to cover your lens with either red or blue cellophane. Only use your flash light when walking and keep it pointed toward the ground.
We can provide you with red cellophane and rubber bands if you need any.
You will need to use a red lens app on your phone. Some phones may have this built in whereas others you may need to download such an app from the store. Only use your phone for walking safely by keeping the light from your phone pointed toward the ground.
We can provide you with red cellophane and rubber bands if you need any.
It depends on the type of camera you have. Most smartphones do not have the capability to capture enough light at nighttime so taking pictures with a smartphone is not very effective. If you have a camera with a time lapse feature or one that works in low light conditions then you could end up with some really nice pictures. Using a flash is not permitted.
We do not have any campsites here but there are campgrounds nearby.
Check out Big Ridge State Park's website for more information.