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We want for everyone to have a pleasant experience. To do this we have formulated a few guidelines for our visitors to be aware of.


Red Lights
The areas where the fireflies are abundant are naturally dark. Introducing lights into their environment can be damaging to their habitat. Still though people have to see in the dark. To do this we suggest covering light sources with a red lens. We have also discovered a variety of ways to utilize your phone to be a source of red light. Keep lights pointed toward the ground for safe walking and off while viewing.

Phone Usage
Use of phones in the viewing areas are distracting to others including the fireflies. To protect the habitat and the enjoyment of others we will be encouraging guests to keep their phones off in these areas. Use of phones with red light apps will be allowed.

Protect Habitat
As with any natural habitat it is important to not disturb their environment. These fireflies live in the leafy areas on the ridges. Please do not walk, hike or climb the ridge and be careful not to step into the leafy areas. Also do not capture fireflies.

Watch Your Children
Do not let your children play in the creek in fact keep your children close to you at all times. Since the areas to view the fireflies will be dark it would be dangerous for children to roam about without supervision.

Keep It Clean
Help us keep the environment clean. Trash receptacles will be provided so please use them.

There is no seating provided. Although many will find enjoyment in standing or viewing from a variety of points, some may wish to have a place to sit while viewing. Use of chairs or blankets to sit on will be permitted.

There is free handicap parking with golf cart assist for those with properly tagged vehicles. Please email before coming to get special parking instructions.

We will post any day the viewing will be reduced by wet weather.

Gate opens at 8PM; Viewing will likely begin around 9:30PM. There will be entertainment beginning at 8PM until darkness.